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GARDENA Weed Cutter
GARDENA Weed Cutter
GARDENA Weed Cutter
GARDENA Weed Cutter
GARDENA Weed Cutter

GARDENA Weed Cutter

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Environmentally friendly weeding
The weed knife works purely mechanically and without chemicals
This protects animal and plant life
Back-friendly work without bending forward
With the practical weed cutter by GARDENA, you can easily remove weeds without bending over
Particularly precise due to patented blades
The gap between the patented narrow blades is particularly small so that precise work can be done and only small holes are left behind
With practical footrest
A practical footrest makes it even easier to insert the tool into the ground
Handy and specially shaped handle
The ergonomically shaped handle provides a better grip when turning, making work more comfortable
Integrated release mechanism
The integrated pull mechanism allows easy removal of the dandelion after removal
Kind to your back

The GARDENA Weed Cutter is the ideal tool to effectively remove troublesome weeds in your lawn and flower beds
Unfortunately, regular weeding is not the most enjoyable task
With this weeding tool, however, you can weed pleasantly easily and effectively without polluting the environment
The patented blades of the weed cutter are closely spaced and very narrow
This design is great for pulling off dandelions in your lawn
You can work precisely, which is beneficial for your lawn because the tool only makes small holes
Working with the practical weed cutter by GARDENA is pleasant and gentle on your back, even over longer periods of time
The tool has a practical footrest on the bottom, making it easier to dig into the ground
A specially shaped handle ensures comfortable movement when turning the weeding blade
Integrated release mechanism makes it easier to work out weeds
This method of weeding works purely mechanically and without chemicals, protecting your beloved flora and fauna while leaving you with a beautiful, well-tended garden free of dandelions and other weeds