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Travel Smart by Conair 2 Outlet Converter Set with USB Port
Travel Smart by Conair 2 Outlet Converter Set with USB Port
Travel Smart by Conair 2 Outlet Converter Set with USB Port
Travel Smart by Conair 2 Outlet Converter Set with USB Port

Travel Smart by Conair 2 Outlet Converter Set with USB Port

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Dimensions (Overall): 2.12 Inches (L), 3.88 Inches (H) x 2.75 Inches (W)
Weight: 6.8 ounces
Wattage Required: .52 Watts
Amp Rating: 15
Number of outlets: 3
Number of conductors: 5

2 outlet converter set
Built-in surge protector
Compatible with dual voltage appliance
Includes 4 polarized adapter plugs & travel pouch

Travel Smart 2-outlet 1875 watt power converter and adapter set with USB port. This travel accessory enables you to plug in 3 devices at once! Includes universal all-in-one outlet adapter and kit for use in over 150 countries and travel pouch. For use with most US appliances rated 26-1875 W. Built-in surge protector keeps your electrical appliances safe from spikes in foreign electricity.

Outlet 1 for use with only dual voltage appliances. Outlet 2 converts foreign electricity 220V to 110V. The 2.4 USB outlet charges most tablets, smartphones and other dual-voltage electronic devices including iPad and iPhone.

This 1875-watt travel voltage converter is designed to help you operate your dual voltage appliances worldwide. Plug in up to three devices at once using the polarized adapter plugs and the electric converter unit. Your devices and appliances are safeguarded against electrical spikes and surges with the built-in surge protector.

About Travel Smart: Travel Smart continues to serve the world’s growing number of travelers with all the basic comforts and connectors they need for international travel. New high-tech devices require new high-tech converters and adapters and Travel Smart is keeping up with the demand. Travelers can count on Travel Smart for all the essential gadgets and gear they need for ever-evolving laptops and mobile devices; they can also count on Travel Smart products to make their journey comfortable!

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