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Grandma Wiebe's Perfect Pickle Recipe

Oh boy... ! What would I have done without Grandma Wiebe? I think of her often! 

Especially, every time I open up a jar of these amazing homemade pickles. I am amazed at the lessons I carry to this day that I learned through her example. So much of her is now a part of me. 

Hope you enjoy this family gem!

Pickled cucumbers Autumn in Garden Pickles Dill in Basket


Fill jars with approximately 3 dills, with head and 6-8 inches of stock

3 heads of garlic

Fill with cucumbers, largest on the bottom, smallest on top.

Bring brine to boil and pour over cucumbers in the jars.

Placed hot lid direct from boiling water onto the jar, and close with lid.

Place quart jars in a canner with boiling water. Jars only need to be covered approximately 1/2-3/4 way

Steam for 2 to 3 minutes just until you see the colour begin to turn

Remove from boiling water. Let pickles sit a minimum of 3 days before eating

Autumn and Girls

BRINE (makes 8 quarts)

12 cups of water 

4 cups of white vinegar

1 1/2  cups of brown sugar (not packed) 

3/4 cups pickling salt

Pickles in Jars

Autumn and jarred pickles