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No Fail Family Favourite Recipe #2 - Cinnamon Buns!

Last month I sent out my no-fail absolute favourite recipe for white buns. Today, you get the second part of the recipe for my cinnamon buns! The great thing about this recipe is, you use the same dough!

Cinnamon Buns and White Buns

Much like regular buns, I have never had success with cinnamon buns because they got so hard and dry so fast. But with this regular bun dough recipe they stay soft and gooey and will quickly become a family favourite.

I guarantee it!

You will find the bun recipe here, or listed at the bottom of the page if you need it. 

Autumn Baking in Kitchen


Today, I’ll describe how I do the cinnamon bun part.

I would suggest doubling your bun recipe if you’d like to do both at one time.

We'll pick it up once your bun dough is ready and raised after the 2nd time (see below)

Here is what we do next! 

*Roll out dough with flour on your surface.

*Make sure it does not stick to your countertop! Once you have put everything on the dough, you will be rolling it up so you don’t want it sticking.

Autumn Spreading Buuter

*Use LOTS of softened butter (here I’m probably using about 1 1/2 cups of butter.)

Spread generously over dough

*Spread an even layer of brown sugar

*Sprinkle cinnamon (I like lots)

*And if you want it really extra gooey, you can drizzle maple syrup as well. I haven’t always done this, so it is optional.

*You may also like to add raisins. My kids don’t like it in baking so I leave that out.

*Carefully roll up the dough and cut in approximately 1 inch pieces

Cutting Cinnamon BunsCinnamon Buns in PanCinnamon Buns In Pan

*Put them in GENEROUSLY buttered pans, not too close together because these will rise and be doubled in size. Then with baking they’ll get even larger.

*for even more gooey deliciousness, after putting the cinnamon buns into the pan pour real whip cream around the buns so the bottom of the pan is just covered.  It is not pictured here, but trust me, you should try it.

*Cover your pans with plastic and then a towel in a warm place to rise for approximately 30 minutes

Cinnamon Buns


*Bake at 350° for about 20 to 25 minutes until the dough is just nicely golden brown.

Oh my.. can't you just smell them already! 

Let the buns cool for bit, then comes the best part...



Mix together

1 block cream cheese softened

About 3/4 cup butter softened

3 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp salt

Icing sugar (I just add icing sugar until I’m happy with the consistency and taste. I think I used about 3 cups)

I like to put the icing in a Ziploc bag with a hole at the end and squeeze it on the top of each cinnamon bun. But you can just spread it however you like.

Add icing onto warm (not hot) buns. 

Icing Cinnamon bunsIced Cinnamon Buns


Share your thoughts with me on Facebook! I'd love to hear your comments or get some pictures of your bun baking adventures... and if you have a favourite recipe - share it! 


To make approximately 4 dozen buns (I would double this recipe if you want buns and cinnamon buns at the same time.)

In a large mixing bowl add:

3 cups warm water

2 eggs

2 tbsp salt

3 rounded tbsp quick rise* yeast

1/2 cup oil

1/2 cup white sugar

Stir together, then add white flour.

Add the flour and mix with a wooden spoon until you can no longer stir. Then knead the dough while adding more flour until it does not stick to your hands any longer.

You will use appox. 8 cups of flour

Cover the dough with a plastic bag and tea towel to rise in a warm place for 30 minutes.

Uncover, sprinkle with flour and punch down the dough one more time. Cover again and let sit for 30 minutes to rise.

* from here you can either just do regular buns, or use half the dough for your cinnamon bun recipe above

Put buns on a greased cookie sheet To rise for approximately 30 more minutes until doubled in size. Bake at 375° for 15 to 18 minutes until brown