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Warm Potato Salad - A Twist on a BBQ Side-Dish That'll Thrill Your Tastebuds!

It is almost BBQ season again and I wanted to share my all-time favourite side dish we love with our steak! 

It takes a bit of prep time, but hey... great things are worth a little work and your tastebuds will thank you!

Just a heads up - the recipe is SUPER SIZED in the PHOTOS but don’t let that freak you out.

The recipe quantities listed below are for 5-6 people:

Here are your ingredients: 










1 - Cube about 6-8 large potatoes, or enough to fill a regular size cookie sheet

Pour about 1/3 cup of olive oil on them and toss with seasoning salt and pepper, then place on the greased cookie sheet


Bake at 425 degrees for approx. 30 minutes until browned and crispy – do not turn while baking, it helps get the bottom side nice and crisp

2 -In a separate baking pan add 2 cups defrosted (or drained canned) corn & 1 large onion diced (white or purple onion). Add ¼ cup oil and toss, then spread evenly. Bake approx. 20 minutes turning so it won’t get too crisp, just until it starts to brown 



3 – Bake 2 heads of garlic in tin foil with drizzled oil over (I cut the tips off so these are easy to squeeze out of the shell after baked) put in oven for approx. 10 – 15 min until garlic is soft, this will be for the dressing.

4 - Chop & cook 1 pkg bacon until crispy and set aside

Now for the Dressing! 


Stir together and let place in the fridge while potatoes are cooking:

½ cup fresh grated parmesan

½ cup sour cream

½ cup mayo

3 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp dill (if you don’t have fresh, you can use a couple tbsp lemon dilly dip from epicure)

1 tsp fresh ground pepper

Mash cooked garlic with fork and stir in

6 - Once everything is ready, add all together in large bowl

mixed pot salad

Pour over dressing & toss

Stir & serve with your favorite meat, mine would be steak with a nice cabsav wine!

steak and potato salad