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Auctions - Instructions / FAQ

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~ What to Know About Auctions ~

1. You must LOG IN to your account (or create one) to bid.

2. PAYMENT: Successful bidders will receive an email to submit payment at the conclusion of the auction. Payment is required at that time.  If the order is not completed with a payment in 24 hours the item will automatically go the next bidder and you will lose out on the item. PLEASE ensure you PHONE NUMBER is included in your account information so you can be notified, just in case the invoice goes to your spam folder and was not noticed.

3. ALL ITEMS CAN BE SHIPPED unless otherwise noted in the description.

4. IF there are additional quantities are shown available, the ONLY winner guaranteed to be awarded the item is the TOP BIDDER.

5. POPCORN BIDDING is a new feature added this week.  If there is a bid within the last minute of the auction, the timer is reset to give an additional 3 minutes

Helpful Tips:

** Automatic Bids can be set to place bids on your behalf! 


1. Enter a maximum bid amount ( the highest $ you are willing to pay)

2. Click the "bid" box 

3. Click the "Automatic bid" box 

THE SYSTEM DOES THE REST! The system will re-bid for you in the lowest bid increment which varies depending on item. The system will only bid when you are outbid and keep you in the running, unless your max bid is exceeded by another auction'er!

** Bidding is confidential your identity will be hidden

** Ensure you read the item description carefully before bidding 


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