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Our Story

I love to share our story with others. Simply because we are just a regular family, working together to make life happen – just like you. Many of our customers (who are now friends) have asked me how it all got started! So, if you would like to know the answer, here you go…

My husband Scott & I (Autumn) started our first business together in 2004. We opened a discount retail bookstore called Solomon’s Porch in the small town of Niverville. We sold both locally and online while also servicing the wholesale market across Canada. After 13 years in the biz, we knew times were changing and would have to find a new and different path to follow. In storybook fashion we took delivery of our first new truckload the week after we closed our bookstore.

Our new business…Waymore4Wayless, is directly focused on providing individuals and families with everyday household products at a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to be able to showcase unique, quality items for your home that you can both enjoy and more easily afford. We are always looking for, and talking with new suppliers, so if you have any suggestions on what types of items you would like to see, we would love to hear from you.

At this point you may be wondering how this all works. I can honestly tell you that it wouldn’t…if I did not have the support of my awesome family. It would be an honor to introduce you to our clan and the roles they play in bringing you the fabulous products you see every day.

Our oldest daughter Sarah runs the show…period!! She methodically manages both the warehouse and our inventory. Sarah also processes the new items you see every day with the help of our other daughter Hannah. As they open and inspect each box, their attention to detail serves them well. Once the items have passed their inspection, my Mom Wendy does a fantastic job of posting the information online for you to view. My job (Autumn) is to provide the responses to any questions, comments or requests you may have. I also oversee the marketing and social media side of things and even get to contribute to the monthly product acquisition conversation. If items need to be built, our boys Addison & Benjamin get to showcase their assembly talents that have
been meticulously developed by a lifetime of building Legos!!

My husband Scott is the reason our warehouse is built the way it is, and runs as
smoothly as it does.  He is always searching for new products to bring to you, our customer. He is by far our best “problem solver”  and he is now moonlighting as our delivery boy. Our youngest daughters Tessa & Justyce bring the color to our everyday life at the warehouse. They draw and post their pictures everywhere and they love to play kitchen upstairs amongst the shelves. Sometimes they stop and ask if they can help, but most times they are only passing through on their way to their next adventure. Our dogs, Yogi & Ranger are considered the “Warehouse mascots”. They usually sleep all day but are more than happy to wake up and greet our customers!

So, there you have it…our business and life in a nutshell. It’s obviously a bit more complicated than it sounds, but so worth it! As we continue to grow and move forward, we hope to be able to share what we have with others. Experiences, wisdom, recipes and a good glass of wine… along with great products for your everyday life. Our family looks forward to meeting you!!

Scott, Autumn & all the Youngs Clan