" " FrostGuard Windshield Cover with Mirror Covers- STANDARD SASHIKO CIRCL – Wayless " "
FrostGuard Windshield Cover with Mirror Covers- STANDARD SASHIKO CIRCLES
FrostGuard Windshield Cover with Mirror Covers- STANDARD SASHIKO CIRCLES

FrostGuard Windshield Cover with Mirror Covers- STANDARD SASHIKO CIRCLES

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Clearing snow and ice from your car is a time-consuming hassle, and though you should always be prepared by having the right scraping and cleaning tools in your vehicle, why not take it a step further and prevent frost from building up in the first place? FrostGuard is a cover for your windshield, to protect it from the elements and save you time and the annoyance of scraping—it's a 30-second solution to a 30-minute problem!

This cover protects the essential viewing area of your windshield plus the windshield wipers, and it has a set of three adjustable elastic loops on either side which attach to your side mirrors. While it's important to choose the right size for your vehicle (e.g., standard size is best for mid-sized vehicles and smaller; XL size is best for oversized trucks and SUVs, as well as commercial vehicles), it's also important to choose the right loop setting to ensure that the cover is flat and taut against the windshield. A loose fit means reduced protection, as wind and moisture can find their way underneath.

To further ensure that the cover will stay put in case of high winds, and for extra security when using it in public places, Frost Guard also comes with two security panels that tuck into your doors. You can close the door, lock the car and not worry about the cover blowing away, nor do you have to worry about anyone stealing the cover. The security panel is wide enough to deter thieves, thin enough not to disrupt your door seal and has a PVC tube inside that prevents it from being pulled through.

With FrostGuard, you can say goodbye to scraping, cold hands or warming up your car to clean your windshield. It's easy to install and remove, and it can help you get on the road quickly and safely! This bundle also includes a set of matching side mirror covers, and it's available at a great value through TSC!

• Quick and easy to attach, detach and store
• Standard size is best mid-sized vehicles and smaller; extra-large size is best for oversized trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles
• Dual security panel feature for extended use in public places
• Fit-Fast attachment system allows for a custom fit on any vehicle
• Convenient storage case slides under any car seat or fits easily in the trunk
• Design: windshield cover with wiper flap, dual security panels and Fit-Fast
• Composition: polyester
• Dimensions (windshield cover): 59" x 41" (standard)
• Dimensions (mirror cover):  10.8" x 10.8" (standard)
• Care: spot-clean with soap and cold water

• FrostGuard Windshield Cover
• (2) FrostGuard Mirror Covers