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Gard'en My Heart - The Beautiful Hard Work of Harvest.

I find that the urgent is often the biggest enemy of the important. 
I don't know about you, but I find it almost impossible to focus on what’s important when there is always something to get done or somewhere to be.

It feels like there is just no end to ‘noise’ I am bombarded with daily.

The strange thing is, I find it easy to tell you what I think is important.

The problem is my actions; the way I prioritize my time, they'd tell you something different.

If you asked them, chances are most days... they'd call me a liar.

I struggle with feeling like I am never a good enough mother.
That I don't take enough time to invest into my marriage.
That I don’t think I am succeeding at work or a myriad of other feelings that bombard me day by day.

So I sit in my garden. Here, I enjoy tranquility and peace.

I wouldn't say it silences the voices of doubt, insecurity and guilt. 

Instead, just like identifying the little enemies growing in my garden that stand to rob my plants of the nutrients they need to thrive, the garden's tranquility and peace allow me to see my doubts, fears and insecurities for what they really are.


Weeds in the garden of my heart that stand to rob me of the love, peace and joy I need...and my family needs, in order to thrive.

Wayless Garden
Is the garden a lot of work? Yes.

But when I step into it to tend it, it helps me recalibrate, breathe and look at the garden of my heart at the same time.

That is also hard work.

But well worth it for the harvest both will produce for my family in the months to come and for that, it's one of my most favourite places on earth.