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  • Risk, Faith & Trusting That Today is Your Destination.

    Isn’t it funny how there really never is a “destination” we arrive at in life? Things are always changing.

    I always thought there was. Instead, it really is all just a journey. One that entails scaling new mountains and then keeping your balance as you descend into the valley.

    If Scott & I had a motto it would have to be “do it scared”. 

  • The Grace to Love the Fight & The Fighter.

    After 23 years of marriage, Scott & I have experienced our share of hardships.

    We started out together with lots of baggage, brokenness, and debt. We have struggled through poverty, parenting & seasons of estrangement in our relationship.

    But Scott & I have also experienced intense joy & love, as well as the fruit of the seeds we have faithfully planted over the years.

    Are things perfect? No.

    But what is “perfect” anyway?

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  • Gard'en My Heart - The Beautiful Hard Work of Harvest.

    I find that the urgent is often the biggest enemy of the important. 

    I don't know about you, but I find it almost impossible to focus on what’s important when there is always something to get done or somewhere to be.

    It feels like there is just no end to ‘noise’ I am daily bombarded by.

  • Justyce in the Youngs Family. An Ode to the Wild Ones.

    If Justyce had been born first, we would have had a much smaller family!

    As a mom with six kids before Justyce came into our world, I thought I had seen it all.  Each one of our children offered their fair share of challenges and were unique in their own right, so I thought I was prepared.

    After all, I had learned some tricks along the way and was sure I could handle another baby… as long, of course, as this one was compliant and easy going.

    You know, just like you order up...

  • Tessa & The Rubble - How a Mess Can Turn into a Message if You Don't Give Up.

    Eleven years ago I was so excited to find out I was pregnant with our sixth baby.  Scott & I were running our bookstore, we were homeschooling, life was busy, but good!

    Then five months into my pregnancy with Tessa our business…hopes, dreams, and purpose… burned to the ground. 

    I can’t tell you how surreal it was to wake up one morning and everything you had worked towards for years was gone in an instant.

  • Meet Hannah. Here's How I'm Learning to Lean into Love to Raise a Great Mom.

    Do you ever ask yourself ... "Do I need to read another parenting book? I obviously still don’t know what I am doing.” Well, with one of my children particularly, these are the questions that flood my mind.
  • The Rough Road: Stepping Stones for Character & Celebration

    Life is never without its challenges and heartaches, but as families pull together for each other, those rough patches will eventually give way to hope, love and celebration!
  • Getting Real About Motherhood: Regrets, Relationships & Redemption

    I have started and stopped writing this blog over and over trying to find words that convey the heartache, joy, regrets, hope and sadness that I wrestle with as a mom all the while keeping my heart centred on God’s grace and redemptive power to bring beauty out of ashes.
  • How Living With "Myself" Taught Me How To Love.

    Raising Sarah, all the things I thought should work for discipline with a child, simply didn’t. Sarah was born fiercely independent and determined.  I guess maybe I just make them that way…!

  • Meet Chayden: Proof That In Family You Need Savoury To Recognize the Sweet.

    Thank God that first-borns seem often to be graced with tenacity and strength. That “ strong willed” crazy little man was perfectly built to survive our parental learning curve. Chayden helped us develop and grow as parents. It was a rough road, but as we have grown as a Mom and Dad and had 6 other kids he is quick to share with his younger siblings that it is a good thing for them that we aren't the same parents he had to train when he was kid…lol. 
  • How Thankfulness Transformed a Heart

    One night God asked me to do something that was really hard.  He asked me to leave a note for Scott each evening… something that I appreciated… something I was thankful for. …This was not a simple task for me.  How long was I going to have to keep this up…?