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The Grace to Love the Fight & The Fighter.

I am not always “good, fine, or happy.”

I’m just being honest.

Sometimes life is hard, and circumstances can be downright discouraging.

In the midst of all the pressure around us, there is one thing that will never change. Our need for support & love.

Janelle Fournier took this photo of Scott & me in the fall. I love it. It spoke to me immediately, professing to my heart: “I have your back.”

After 23 years of marriage, Scott & I have experienced our share of hardships.

We started out together with lots of baggage, brokenness, and debt. We have struggled through poverty, parenting & seasons of estrangement in our relationship.

But Scott & I have also experienced intense joy & love, as well as the fruit of the seeds we have faithfully planted over the years.

Are things perfect? No.

But what is “perfect” anyway?

The truth is, I’ve learned to be thankful for the fight. As we fight for each other, and to love each other unconditionally, we grow stronger.

Scott & I have each other's backs today more than ever before.

So if you’re fighting right now, but feel discouraged, I want to encourage you to get up, and keep moving forward. Support your spouse, even when it's hard.

Even if “the fight” includes them!

I know I need love, understanding, and lots of patience, and often don’t deserve

So I'm learning to give it away when others don't.

And when I do that with Scott, I've noticed that something crazy happens.

We grow stronger. Together.

I'm learning to give away what I feel "I deserve" in those moments when it feels like someone else doesn't. 

And the magic of it all is, the moment I do... the moment I choose to love, unconditionally, that's the very thing I get back in return.

That is the power of grace.

And I'm starting to see how it has the power to change everything.