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How Thankfulness Transformed My Home.


I love this time of year! 

I enjoy Thanksgiving, the planning, the cooking, the smells, and having all the kids around. For my first blog post I felt to share some of the things I am particularly thankful for, and how I’ve seen thanksgiving transform our home.

When Scott & I began “Waymore4wayless” we were in a really hard place.  Our other business had declined, no longer able to support our family (9 of us all at home at that time).  We had some difficult choices to make, one being whether we would both go to work full time, which would mean our homeschooling lifestyle would no longer exist – or risk a new adventure, dig in, work hard and see what we could do in a new industry.

I’m so thankful we did THAT… because it led us to YOU.

The first thing I am so thankful for is you! Thank you so much for supporting our business, and in turn, our family.  You’ve shared with your friends and your family and have continued to bless us in doing so. 

I'll be forever grateful.

Daily I am also overwhelmed with thankfulness for the most important people in my life – my husband Scott, and all our kids! 

Yes, I really had 7 kids.  And yes, we are a bit crazy. But they make my life so fun, full, and without a dull moment!  We all work together in so many capacities and I could never do this without each one of them. Nor would I want to.

I’d also like to share how thankful I am for my relationship with Scott.  We have been married for 21 years, and honestly, not all of them were happy ones. Right around the same time we started we made some really big choices to allow God to transform our personal lives, and in turn transform our marriage.

Clinging to thankfulness for each other and communicating it even when we didn’t feel like it, helped us learn to see, appreciate and believe the best in each other. It was hard, but I truly believe it was a key to getting us to today where our marriage is stronger than ever.

Lastly, I’m full of gratitude as I hear how is helping families, and truly thankful to be able to do something I love with the people I love, partnering with incredible families like yours all over Manitoba and beyond to create the home of their dreams.

I am truly blessed. 

So from our family to yours… Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!